What’s On and when over the Christmas Period

Wed 10th December School Christmas Lunch
Fri 12th December The school Show and Fair. This will start at 6.00 with a short musical performed by the children and will be followed by the school Christmas Fair. Everyone in the community is very welcome.

Tues 16th December The school Christmas party. Children can come to school in their school uniforms and change into party clothes after lunchtime.

Wed 17th December Christmas trip to the cinema in Oban. The children will leave school at 12.45. The film starts at 2.00 and finishes at 3.30. Children will be back at school at around 4.30. There is no cost to children and a maximum of £2.50 spending money per child. Lunch will be at 12.00.

Fri 19th December Carol singing in the school. 11.15. All members of the community are very welcome to come to the school and join us for carol singing,mince pies and refreshments. Parents can take their children home after this. School will be closed from 1.00.

On behalf of all the staff I wish you a happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.

Radio Glassary

A couple of months ago Anne Mcnaught, a producer from the BBC, came and interviewed the P4 – P7 children for the radio programme ‘Walking through History.’ The programme was broadcast last Monday. Late in the programme the voices of the school children were introduced by presenter Neil Oliver and three of the children were heard speaking about how it feels to have the wealth of history around them.

Glassary Primary School Newsletter

September 2007

This term has so far been very busy at school and, as we move into Autumn, there is no sign of the pace slackening. The children have taken part in the Journeys art event at Carnasserie and the photographs can be seen on the school blog (please note that this is not a www address) http://glassary.edublogs.org/

This year we welcomed three new Primary 1 children to the school. We now have 11 children in the infant class and 9 children in the upper school.

After the concern about losing staff at the end of last term we now have the following members of staff: P1-P3 – Mrs Mcleod, P4-P7 – Mr Edie/Mr Morley, P.E. – Mrs Manson, Art – Mrs Taylor, Music – Miss Wilson (from Craignish Primary), Learning Support -Mrs Curnyn. We also welcome Miss Louise Oppenheimer to the school as a classroom assistant and Mrs Magdalena Adamska as a temporary auxiliary.

Student Teacher
Mrs Jane Bruce has come to Glassary on placement for this term. She will be with us on Thursdays and Fridays up until 26th October and full time from then until early December.

The whole school is working on a project about the early people of this area. Mrs McLeod’s class is also doing the additional topic of ‘People Who Help Us’ and the upper school are doing ‘Flight’ with Mr Morley.

Curriculum for Excellence
The new Curriculum for Excellence is gradually beginning to emerge and there will be a parent information evening once more details are available. In the meantime we have changed the forward planning format within the school to focus the teaching on the four capacities of the Curriculum for excellence: Responsible Citizens, Confident Individuals, Effective Contributors and Successful Learners.

Parent Council
The initial meeting of the Parent Council will take place on Monday 17th September at 7.00 pm in the school. Although there are 6 parents formally on the council the meetings are open and other members of the school community are very welcome to attend.

Eco- Schools
Mid way through last term the school gained a bronze award for its environmental work. A grant was made available to the school as a result of this and, together with the money received from our Canadian benefactors, it is intended to improve the school grounds by having a area built which will allow the planting of a tree in the playground and provide seating for children. Roll on the silver award!

Health Promoting School
We have applied for recognition of the school as a ‘health promoting school’ and hope to gain this status by Christmas.

Water in School
Some time ago each classroom was provided with a water cooler and the children were encouraged to drink water often during the school day. Children must not bring in juice for drinking in class as this often ends up spilt on books etc. There have been a number of incidents in the playground with children being soaked by others using water bottles filled with juice. The participants have been suitably counselled and water bottles banned from the playground – the children still have easy access to drinking water in the school and are encouraged to make use of this.

The school has acquired another PC laptop. This means that there are now 2 PC laptops available, 1 Mac laptop and 5 assorted MAC desktop computers. The impact of this is that we are able to teach a class with one computer for every two children. We will continue to try to improve on this.

You my notice that a banner has been put up raising awareness of inconsiderate parking at the school entrance. The entrance has always been a danger area and we would ask parents to help in this matter. The banner does not enhance the look of the school and will only be up for a week or two.

Monday 24th September September weekend holiday.
28th September Last day of this block of swimming
12th October School closes
24th October School re-opens


As part of the arts programme running in Mid Argyll, the upper school had a morning with local artist Lesley Burr at Carnassarie Castle. They were looking at the various views and reflecting how these had changed over the ages. They ended up drawing one of the views, some choosing to work inside the castle and some outside.











Lunchtime at Glassary

Each day the pupils and staff at Glassary sit down and eat together.  It is a great social event and, unlike other schools where dinners are bolted down, takes about half an hour each day. 

One young man in P4 likes to keep the staff on their toes with a stream of observations and questions while he munches his salad. 

Today’s question was – ‘Are chilli peppers flammable?’ 

 Answers in the comments section please!